SOTM Spotlight: Harry Meritt

Written by Carlin Garey

During the month of November, there were several students who were elected of Student of the Month (SOTM) for various of reasons. From being a great student in school, too doing a helpful task on a day to day basis is why the students achieve the honor of having the opportunity of having SOTM. Harry Merritt -one of the few who earned SOTM- has and will do many great deeds for the sake of the school and everyone as a whole.

Photo Taken by Carlin Garey

As far as grades go, he has, “average C-B’s” (Merrit, 9) overall so he can maintain a even and balanced GPA and whatnot. Grades do not have an effect on whether or not a student obtains SOTM, but rather what they do to others in the community.

Merritt’s thoughts on the school in general is different considering, “that I came from a private school so coming to this school is way better.” Private schools are very different from public schools (obviously) and Merritt entering Lee’s school system is important that we have a student like him around.

Every student sets certain people and objects different from the others because they know they have a favorite. Harry finds, “construction” and “Mr. Walker.” to be his class and teacher that he classifies (no pun intended) to be his dearest. This does not mean every student has their most cherished teacher or class, but it is common for most students to have one.

Anyway, Merritts future consist of going “to FSU” (Florida State University) for his education as a “science teacher.” Harry’s education now will/can help him throughout all the years until he leaves to go to college. Obtaining knowledge now is important for everyone so they do have the option to do great things in the future.

In summary, Harry is the student that every teacher would want to have in their class. Maintaining his grades and helping others, will lead him to a great high school career and lead to others being assisted by him.


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