Trojans bring victory over Westover.

Written By Peyton Hart

November 27, the 9th Grade Boys Basketball Team had a home game at LCHS. With a winning score of 40-29, Lee County beat Westover. Malik Powell, Michael Taylor, Jhavarion Bell, Damarion Jones, and Brandon Bush were all interviewed on their plays.

In the game, Damarion (Dman) Jones brought his best to the court in both the 9th grade and JV game. In the 9th grade game, he scored a total of 10 points. Behind him, was Brandon Bush with a total of 15 points.

Brandon Bush showed his basketball skills in the game and played with a high level of great sportsmanship. His total of 15 points in the 9th grade game, followed with an extra 1 point in the JV game.

Along with Jones and Bush, Michael Taylor had a total of 8 points in the 9th grade game. He was also able to play in the JV game with 4 points scored. Michael (Mj) Taylor put effort into the game and it was very noticeable.

Malik Powell with a total of 6 points scored and Jhavarion (Jay) Bell with 4 both showed improvement and skill in their game.

Being basketball players, these 5 players showed more sportsmanship and effort than the rest. Their dedication to the game is something that will get them further.

Come out to the next 9th Grade Basketball Home Game on December 4th at 5:00 p.m at the Lee County High School!

Picture Taken By Peyton Hart.

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