Stranger Things 2 Review

Written by Alexis Wells

The top question surrounding the Stranger Things fandom is:”Was season 1 better than season 2?”  Season 2 expanded far beyond the content of season 1. In season 2 we are introduced to new characters and although not all of our questions were answered,some of them were.
On one storyline the season follows Eleven and we get to see her development as well as her personality change.El escaped from the Upside Down.Since her escape she was determined to see Mike again but Hopper would not let her his reason being: “Risks are stupid and we aren’t stupid.” El was also searching for her home which leads to an entire episode of her finding her long lost “sister.” Her path to home is definitely not what I expected.
Throughout season 2 it is quite obvious that most of the boys are continuing on with their lives and have seem to forgotten about the Upside Down by distracting themselves with video games and the new girl “Mad Max.” Will,however is still haunted by his memories of being stuck in the Upside Down. He begins to have treatment as a person with PTSD.
As the fans requested,there was finally justice for Barb.Well…sort of.  The writers did not forget about her.Nancy feels partly responsible for Barb’s death which leads her on a guilt investigative path.
One person I wish I could have seen more of in season 2 is Mike. When we saw him most,he was attached to Will’s side being a great friend.He is far from playing the central role he had in season 1. There were definitely some memorable moments for him as well as emotional which could be clearly seen in the scenes where he was missing Eleven and reminiscing on the times they had.

    I really loved Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) in this new season. He did not get much screen time last season seeing as he was in the Upside Down for 98% of the time. Noah makes up for his lack of screen time with agonizing,believable performances.All the actors on this show are amazing but Noah’s really stood out to me this season.

    Overall I really liked this season, but not as much as season 1.

    Season 1 left us with questions. Season 2 answered some. Season 2 ended. Now we have even more questions piled on.

  •  Are Hopper and Dustin “Infected”?  When Hopper went into the tunnels under the pumpkin fields, he got sprayed by that nasty looking stuff which he breathed in. After he inhaled it Hopper was taken to the lab where he coughed up that goo. Dustin also inhaled it in the last episode if season 2.                                                          
  • Will we see “Eight” again?When we first saw Kali(eight) no one had any idea who she was or why she was there. Her power(the ability to cast illusions) was pretty cool. It’s uncertain whether or not we will see her again. I hope to see her return along with the other 9 lab test children.
  • Is the shadow monster still around? After eleven banished the shadow monster to the upside down and closed the gate while doing so,it seemed like the monster was out of everyone in Hawkins lives forever. But in the final scene of the season the shadow monster is very clearly lurking above the upside down version of Hawkins Middle School.
  • Is Dr.Brenner still alive? Aka “Papa” was attacked by the Demogorgon in the last episode of season 1 and he hasn’t been seen since. If he is alive-what is he planning?

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