Written By Alexis Wells

Colleen Coleman was recognized as one of LCHS 9th grade campus’ students of the month. Colleen was specifically chosen by her teacher for bettering herself personally and academically. Mr.Ledford commented that she “does well in math all the time.  She also serves as a peer tutor during PRIDE time and is willing to lend a helping hand.”

Clubs are a big part of our school because they give people a place to meet up where students can share common interests with each other. Colleen said “I would like to join BETA club, but I am more set on sports.”  What she means by that is she is probably too busy with her love of soccer to fully engage herself in BETA club.

SOTM Articles (Nov 2, 2017 at 11-52 PM) (1).png
Congrats Colleen! Colleen has been selected as one of our October SOTM! Her teacher said she has really worked hard at bettering herself academically and personally. “Do not worry about anyone else but yourself.Stay focused on what you are driven to do.”

Since she is our student of the month I know she would have some great advice to give to other students.  Colleen said that if she could say something to the entire school it would be, “To not worry about anyone else but yourself. Stay focused on what you are driven to do.”  For Colleen, she is striving toward her career of being an anesthesiologist. I have to say,that is some really good advice!

Some things that Colleen likes to do(besides play soccer) is watch Netflix and hang out with her sister as well as reading her favorite series…Harry Potter!

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