Written By Maria Cerrone

Summer Kratschman was chosen for student of the month by Coach Harris for the month of November. The Journalism staff asked her a serious of questions and learned many things about her.

Kratschman enjoys making art on her free time. She said that she enjoys drawing and making things.

IMG_2697 (1).JPG

She stated that she has had a very good year at the 9th grade so far. Her favorite thing about the 9th grade campus is that she has more freedom and is able to walk around more. Kratschman stated that her favorite class is freshman focus.

Kratschman was surprised that Coach Harris chose her. She stated that “I didn’t ever think he saw me in that way”. Kratschman stated that it felt good to be chosen. She gave the advice about pride to other students to always pay attention and do your work.

Kratschman deserved student of the month. Coach Harris stated that he chose her because “Summer is a hard-working and dedicated student in my classroom, who stays on task to make sure she does 100% on everything. She’s well deserving of this award!”

When you see Kratschman you should congratulate her and show pride like she does.

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