Justin Reynolds, is said to be kind by all. His friends, his teachers say Reynolds is a sweetheart. He’s the definition of a team player. This is why he got student of the month.

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  Ms. Perkins wanted to recognize one of her hard working students. Her words  “Justin Reynolds embodies the true ideal of what it means to be a team player. He helps his classmates and me whenever he can. Justin has made a commitment to himself to try his best in school this year and that commitment is paying off. I have seen tremendous academic and personal growth in him already this year. Justin is kindhearted and not afraid of putting forth the extra effort in whatever he sets his mind to. Justin Reynolds is an excellent addition to my 4th period and it’s my honor to teach him.” She knows he’s a hard working student going out of his ways to help others. He’s as helpful out of her class as he is around the school. Doing anything to help those around him.

  Reynolds said he wants to help, and be a better him. Trying harder to get better grades and having a good attitude. Reynold states “i want the best last year but i want to change.” which he has proven and it’s paid off. So he has something to be happy about knowing he’s reached his goal.

  While Reynolds is busy with school he’s missing the football season. He was a valued linebacker. Missing the season his schedule is more open to hang out with his friends and play videos games. Reynolds said one of his favorites was GTA V, a rather color full game.  Or maybe watching ‘HALLOWEEN’ one of his favorite movies. Reynold finds foot ball and videos games hobbies. Things he enjoys very much.

    I asked why he thought he deserved  student of the month and if he thought he deserved it and he replied with “yeah, i’m really nice. I try really hard to help others and i really love her class and her as a teacher. I’m glad I’m in her class to.”  and all Reynolds work paid off as he got October’s student of the month.

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