King Announced as October TOTM

Written by Riley Alewine

One of Mrs. King’s students says that she deserves Teacher of the Month because “She teaches like no other teacher. She has a different way to learn each time and it’s really helpful. Mrs. King is the best teacher in this school that I have. She’s so caring and nice.’’

Mrs. King says that she was chosen as Teacher of the month because she is awesome. Her favorite thing about teaching is the students.

Submitted Photo

She says that she has no “weaknesses” as a teacher and her strengths are “everything,” but if she had to choose her weakest strength, it’d be that she gets “frustrated with people who are complacent.”

Mrs. King wanted to become a teacher because she “never had a good teacher.”

Some of Mrs. King’s hobbies outside of school include “tennis, traveling, and reading.”

She would like for teaching and learning to be “engaging” and that her “students learn more than just what’s in the books.” She wants students to learn how to become “better citizens.”

Mrs. H says that her and Mrs. King both “strongly believe that if you did not get into teaching because you wanted to change the world, that you are in the wrong profession.”

Overall Mrs. King is an amazing and loving teacher that has many strengths and little or no weaknesses.

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