Written By Samantha Burrows

“Haley is simply a joy to teach. She comes to class daily with a bright and cheery attitude and she is always ready to work. She is eager to participate in class and gives 110% daily.” These are the words Mrs. Edwards used to describe Haley Wells, our recent student of the month. When walking into school, Haley always seems to have a positive attitude and ready to work. She is always nice to others. That is, if they have to same attitude towards her.
Haley takes lots of pride in her work, and when asked, she says she advises others to do the same. Her advice to students who strives to be a future student of the month was, “Make sure you’re always being positive and doing your work. If you can’t, at least tell your teachers why you couldn’t.”

Taken By: Samantha Burrows

Haley was asked what she does to stay so positive because Mrs. Edwards chose her for this exact and Haley answered saying she learns to cope with emotions and does the best she can to look on the bright side. This can be great advice to other students who struggle with how positive they are. With staying positive, it’s possible that you could be student of the month next time. Relating to this, Haley said it’s also very important that you are yourself, and if you are trying to be someone else you won’t be able to be as happy.
When asked, Haley said that she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she grew older. She is in Drama, Journalism, and Band as her extra electives and was in chorus for 3 years in middle school. She says she might possible want to take this into a job interest after graduating. Why isn’t she sure what she might want to do, though? She says the reasoning is because she wants to focus on her work now, rather than focusing too much on the future. This could be great advice to a future student of the month.

     To sum everything up, anyone who strives for being student of the month, just focus on what is happening now instead of the future, and stay positive. Make sure to never stress too much to where you affect your social and academic life.

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