March Your Heart Out

Written by Jordan Graham

“Billie Jean”, “Ring My Bell”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and “Mortal Combat”: No this isn’t your dad’s old Ipod playlist, It’s the Superior Lee County Marching Trojan Band. If you asked someone who they were, chances are they’d tell you that they’re the band that got straight superiors at all three of their competitions.

As the semester comes to an end, so does the marching band season. The Lee County Marching Trojan Band has recently gotten a new change in band directors, and the fruits of his effort is showing in their recent competitions. As of October 21st, the Trojans finished their competitive season.

Photo by J. Graham   All we do is win, win,win no matter what.
The Lee County Marching Trojan band has just finished their competitive marching season.
They won all superiors at their competitions and have the trophies to prove it.

Their first competition started in Phenix City, Alabama at the Phenix Invitational Marching Festival. The Band was skeptical on their concept, A Tribute To Music’s Royalty, but soon found out that they didn’t need to be shy or worried about their performance. When the results came the Trojans found out that they not only won straight superiors, but also won first in class. With newfound winning spirit the Trojans waited two weeks until their second competition at the Sound Of Silver in Blackshear, Georgia.

On October 14th, the Trojans went to Blackshear, Georgia in order to compete at the Sound of Silver. This Competition seemed much easier to them seeing as they couldn’t very well watch any of the other bands, seeing as they went last. The Trojans were the largest band the this particular competition. Instead of 21 bands like the Phenix Invitational, the Sound of Silver had 17 bands including Lee County. The Band walked away with Best In Class, Straight Superiors once again, the Trojans got second place out of the entire competition.

Last and sadly least, The Sound of the County.

The Marching Trojans had an amazing practice before they had to leave for their last competition in Harris County, Georgia. At the competition the band had plenty of warm up time due to arriving two hours early. It’s always good to be punctual, but having to wait can have a strain on their performance later on. As it would happen to some of the members strain was a big problem. After the performance many of the members felt as though they wouldn’t do as well as they did at past competitions. The rumors were quickly shut down at the awards ceremony however. The Marching Band got straight superiors much like the other competitions along with many unexpected awards. They received the award for best Danceline and Drum Major, as well as Most Entertaining and Judges Choice for Best Design.

The Trojans couldn’t be happier with their progress throughout the season.

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