Get to Know Your Assistant Principal: Mr. Knight

Written by Riley Alewine

At LCHS9 our assistant  principal, Mr. Knight, demonstrates leadership skills, responsibility, and excellence. Mr. Knight believes that “Teaching and learning has to be fun and kids should be able to enjoy what they are doing and come into class excited to learn.” He doesn’t think that kids should have to do the same thing everyday. “There should be a hands on approach, the teacher should be excited and so should the students.” Mr. Knight says he tries to convey this by “being excited about what he’s doing.”

Mr. Knight believes that you can’t be a leader if nobody wants to follow you. He thinks that leadership is built off of trust and honesty. He says “You have to follow through with what you say. You can’t say you’re going to do something and then not do it.”

Photo by R. Alewine

He is hoping that his “fingerprints” left on the building will be that “[He] is known as a positive person that you can go to and that students had fun while at the 9th grade campus.”

When Mr. Knight started college as “pre-law,” but had a change of heart and became a teacher because he’d rather wake up doing something he enjoys everyday rather than get a ton of money. He says that “Coaching led [him] to an administrative role.”

“Some of [his] hobbies outside of school are working around the house, building fences, redoing his kitchen, fishing, traveling with his son that plays baseball, and watching football.”

He says that he would like for students to know that once, he was in the student’s shoes; he never would have thought that he’d be a teacher. Mr. Knight says that he thought that “education would be the last thing that [he’d] do.” And that he was “ready to go.” He wants students to be open minded to anything.

One of his favorite moments as a teacher was when he helped remediate students. It made him feel happy that just a little push could help so much. His favorite moment being the assistant principal, is finding the time to get to know students better.

Overall, Mr. Knight is an easy going person and enjoys engaging in activities, just as much as the students.

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