2017-2018 Swim Team

Written by Carlin Garey

On October 16th 2017, Lee County held try outs to make it on the swim team. The following people have successfully made the swim team:

  1. Lizzy Davis
  2. Victoria Drury
  3. Aubrey Garret
  4. Mona Ghimire
  5. Ozi Ghimire
  6. Abigail Haggerty
  7. Anna Grace Haggerty
  8. Reese Hamsley
  9. Allison Hancock
  10. Rachel Kiesau
  11. Taylor Luke
  12. Erica Seller
  13. Rachel Tippins
  14. Chandler Albert
  15. Asher Anderson
  16. R.J. Brooks
  17. Trevor Cleveland
  18. Matthew Dunlap
  19. Kody Ethridge
  20. Brock Fretwell
  21. Carlin Garey
  22. Challis Garey
  23. Nick Gowdy
  24. Mason Hart
  25. Emmanuel Honer
  26. Sammy Hoover
  27. Owen Mabee
  28. Brennen Mclean
  29. Austin Rudd
  30. Pilcher Thornton
  31. Ronny Tucker

All the swimmers stated  have their first meet on October 30th 2017.

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