Cooper’s College Football Picks: Week 9

Written by Cooper Ray

After being 7-1 last week with my week 8 picks, this week I discuss the importance of a week 9 win while also making my annual weekly picks.

  1. Georgia vs. Florida.  After losing the last three meetings to Florida, Georgia is the underdog heading into this game. But the Bulldogs have started their season with a school best 7-o record. With this win, Georgia will have the SEC East by the neck. Look for Georgia to demolish Florida in the World’s Largest Cocktail Party. Go Dawgs.
  2. Florida State vs. Boston College. After losing by three points last week to Louisville, Florida State dropped to 2-4. A week 9 win against Boston College would be huge for Florida State’s season, only needing 6 games to at least make it to a bowl game. Look for Florida State to jump back on track with a win at Boston College.
  3. Arkansas vs. Ole Miss. With Arkansas starting the season terribly with a 2-5 record, look for Ole Miss to bounce back and win after getting blown out at home last week by LSU. If Ole Miss manages to win, this will spring them to a record of 4-4, and put them back on track to at most make it to a bowl game.
  4. Georgia Tech vs. Clemson. Coming off a bye week, Clemson has had time to rest and manage their injuries. But for Clemson, the return of starting Quarterback Kelly Bryant is huge. A week 9 win for Clemson is huge for their season and their hopes of returning to the top 4. Look for Clemson to win this tough matchup against Georgia Tech.
  5. NC State vs. Notre Dame. After an absolute statement win against USC, Notre Dame is out to prove it is one of the premier football programs in all of college football. But NC State doesn’t believe the hype. Look for the 6-1 Wolfpack to go into Notre Dame and win a statement game. A week 9 win for NC State is huge and it will solidify their top spot in the ACC Atlantic.
  6. Penn State vs. Ohio State. With an overall record of 6-1 and a tied with 2 other teams for the top spot in the Big Ten with a conference record of 4-0, Ohio State believes they have the talent to beat #2 Penn State. But, Penn State has been playing excellent football. Look for Penn State to beat Ohio State by a large margin.
  7. Tennessee vs. Kentucky. After being blown out 45-7 by Alabama last week, Tennessee has no momentum going into this game versus Kentucky, and Kentucky has been playing exceptional football this year. Look for Kentucky to win this matchup.
  8. Kansas State vs. Kansas. Being beat 43-0 by TCU isn’t a joke, just ask Kansas. After starting the season 1-6, Kansas doesn’t stand a chance against Coach Trivette’s Wildcats.
  9. Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma. When Iowa State knocked off Oklahoma at their place, Oklahoma’s playoff hopes dropped drastically. And last week they barely beat Kansas State. This matchup favors the Sooners, though. Neither team is playing good football, but look for Oklahoma to win this matchup.
  10. Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina. This matchup always makes for a good one. South Carolina and Vanderbilt always play each other hard, and they always play tough. But, with Vanderbilt’s recent struggles, look for the 5-2 Gamecocks to win this physical matchup.   

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