There’s a New Sound in Town

Written by Jordan Graham

The Marching Trojan Band is following the beat of a new director, and they are  grooving to the music. As of this year, Mr. Ronald Hill ll started to not only teach the high school band classes as a whole, but also started to teach the Lee County Marching Trojan Band.

Photo by J. Graham   One…Two…One, Two, Ready And.
Mr.Hill reflects on his experiences in Lee County at the end of the nine weeks.

Mr.Hill is originally from Macon, Georgia, but moved to Leesburg due to the opportunity to teach new kids in a new place. Mr. Hill has been teaching for nine years. He became a band director because he said he, “got the summers off,” which is ironic because Marching Band takes up a large majority of July.

Mr. Hill has high hopes for the years to come. For instance, looks forward to all the seventh graders that are hoping to join the bands. The band currently has over 100 people and he hopes to reach a much higher number in the years to come.

While on the topic of the future, Mr. Hill is looking forward to District Honor Band auditions in January and he says that he “[hopes that many students] make Region Honor Band as well.” In the next few months he also hopes to do well at the Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) with the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, and the Ninth Grade Band.

Photo by J. Graham   Freshman, Jonathan Williams, gives his opinion on Mr.Hill in and out of school.

Johnathan Williams, a Freshman saxophone player, had this to say about Mr.Hill from his experience in Marching Band so far: “Mr.Hill came in confidently, asserted himself, cracked a few jokes, took over, and is a breath of fresh air that was most definitely needed. [He has also] instilled many new traditions that will hopefully go down in marching band history. All in all, Mr. Hill has taken over the role of [band director] and has done an [amazing] job.”

Photo by J. Graham   Freshman, Jordan Kirksey, gives insight on Mr. Hill in school.

Mr. Hill has also had a positive impact on freshman, Jordan Kirksey. “When we had a playing test, I couldn’t play something so I got frustrated and stopped. He said: Don’t give up. Push through. Even if you don’t do well you can still push through it and do your best.”

Photo by J. Graham   Freshman, Victoria Drury, gives her opinion on what she thinks of Mr. Hill and his influence on the Marching Band.

Not only do the band students love and enjoy his presence, but non-band students have seen the fruits of his efforts as well. Freshmen,Victoria Drury, said that “[Mr. Hill has] helped improve the bands overall performance that has helped them overall.”

Mr. Hill says that he is, “loving the school system and pleased with [the band’s] progress so far.” He also states that he is “pleased with the support the community has shown us.”



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