Getting to Know Our Principal, Mrs. Lawrence

Written by Riley Alewine

At LCHS9 our principal, Mrs. Lawrence demonstrates leadership skills, responsibility, and excellence. She has high hopes for our school and it’s learning environment. Mrs. Lawrence hopes to have more learning opportunities for the school . Many people don’t know Mrs. Lawrence well due to the fact that she is busy in her office and other places, but behind the scenes she has a lot of responsibility.   

Mrs. Lawrence is hoping that teaching and learning in her school is “an active engaging process for both teachers and students.“ She states that teachers are learners too. She is hoping that it isn’t just about “sitting and getting“ the information. She wants the students up, moving, and engaged.

As far as leadership goes, Mrs. Lawrence believes that building leadership in the school is about “giving other people roles and responsibilities and allowing them to do it their way, whether it’s right or wrong.“ She thinks that it is a learning experience; they have to figure out what works for them. Mrs. Lawrence states that, at times, it is tough letting others be leaders because, as an authority, it often comes back to her. She says that you build leaders by letting them have some control as well.

Mrs. Lawrence is hoping that her “fingerprints” left on the building are “more programs, learning opportunities, and outside activities” She hopes to leave the school, a little bit better than the way she found it.

Mrs. Lawrence’s decision to teach was prompted by her high school english teacher. She knew that she was meant to teach. She felt “called” to teach and feels like if you don’t feel called to do something, you shouldn’t do it. Mrs. Lawrence said that becoming a principal was prompted by many job opportunities and that it was also something that she felt called to do.

Outside of her job, Mrs. Lawrence’s hobbies are making lamps, gardening, and photography. She says that other than her job, those things take up a lot of her time because she really enjoys them. She spends a lot of her time hunting for things to make lamps and feels that it is very therapeutic.

Photo by R. Alewine  Mrs. Lawrence enjoys making lamps in her spare time. Many teachers on campus have purchased lamps from her.

Mrs. Lawrence says that she would like for students to know that she is “a real,  approachable person and that students should feel like they can talk to her about anything.” She is just like any other person.

Mrs. Lawrence says that one of her favorite moments as a teacher was when she “got to work with a student with learning disabilities and help improve her test scores” by reading the test for her. She says that something that seems so little can make a big difference. She is hoping that the college tour we will be taking on October 26th will be one of her favorite moments as a principal.  

Overall Mrs. Lawrence is not just the principal, she is someone you can talk to. She is all around a great, approachable person.


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