SOTM Spotlight: Steel Williford

Written by Haley Wells

Steel Williford was recognized as Students of the Month by Mrs. Melcher because “Steel is a quiet young man, but his sense of humor sneaks right up and grabs ahold of you!  He has shown real improvement in his classes and can be counted on as a dependable class member.  I know that he will continue to have a great year!”

At first he didn’t know how to answer the interview questions, but question by question he became more comfortable. Some good laughs were shared and he shared some of his stories in the middle of questions.

Photo by H. Wells

When asked what kind of activities he likes to do in school, he said he was involved in NJROTC. Williford said that it was “kinda hard and you have to be determined to do it to actually be good in it.”

Williford gave advice on how other students could meet the expectations of PRIDE: “do what you’re supposed to do and don’t act like a 2 year old in a candy store.” He said that was the best advice he could give and that he “wasn’t too good at motivational speeches.” He also said that if you looked around, you would notice people acting like that.

The next question was what kind of relationships do you have with your friends. Williford said he has normal friend relationships and they just like having fun. He said something interesting about a group chat with his friends. He said that in the group chat, they all speak different languages and he said that “we are all just a bunch of weirdos.” He started to laugh about this and I did too. 

At this point, Williford offered up a pun just for laughs. He said, “Why do you keep steeling my papers.” It was definitely a little comedic break from the serious interview.

The last question that was asked was what is your favorite class and why. He said that he really likes science because of what he is learning. He said that to him all science was cool. 

Congratulations, Steel!

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