SOTM Spotlight: Hayden Dunlap

Written by Arwyn Kovach

When interviewing Hayden Dunlap he told me who he is inside school and outside of school.

While many people who think Dunlap is quiet and someone who keeps to himself, that is half true. Dunlap Loves to be around his friends and is quite crazy when he’s with them; this is when his personality really starts to show.  One Of his friends stated “he really has the best humor of the group.”

Photo by A. Kovach

His friends only have good things to say about Dunlap. He’s comfortable with his friends like any other person.  While he is ‘crazy’ with his friends he knows when to let loose and when to focus.

Mr Trivette noticed Dunlap’s hard work in his 4th period civics class. Dunlap was very pleased about being Nominated by Trivette. Dunlap stated how “amazing Mr Trivette is and really teaches them.” Mr Trivette said, “Hayden is always on task and takes care of his business. He is a pleasure to have in class.” Even though Dunlap is just doing his work, he’s helping his class and the school by being a role model.

 Hayden really has a lot to offer to the school. As he is skilled in many ways, he shows it most in computers. As another one of his friends stated “ Hayden is so smart and a genius in computers and hacking, he’ll kick your butt in almost any game too.” Dunlap says he loves computers and technology.

 Asking Dunlap What he has to offer to the school with his talents or in general, he said he was in FBLA club last year and will be in it this year. I asked him to explain some more and he said, “we did do a lot outside school like community service and some other stuff to help” this is the kind of student we need at Lee county!  We need leaders! Someone to lead the way showing pride!


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