SOTM Spotlight: Gio Sanchez Perez

Written by Willa Dyer and Peyton Hart

16 year old, Luber Y. Sanchez Perez (Gio) is special in many different ways. He is not only “Student of the Month” for September, but is also having to overcome many challenges. Being one of the very few “foreign” kids in Lee County is hard, especially when Spanish is your first language. He moved from Guatemala this year to “experience different things and make new amigos.” Even though being in Lee County can be a little “scary” for him at times, he still manages to always have a bright, and vibrant smile on his face!

Perez’s favorite subject in school is “Math,” so it was even more exciting to be able to get the award from his favorite teacher and subject. He received the award because, ”Mrs. Lane” wanted to recognize his efforts for bettering himself academically and personally. Mrs. Lane says that Perez “always has a positive attitude, a willingness to work, and a desire to learn.” He definitely is an all around student!

Photo by W. Dyer

At first we were a little skeptical at how he got chosen for student of the month, but Peyton and I realized one very important thing. You don’t need to speak Spanish to understand what Mrs. Lane meant when she said he had a, “positive attitude, and willingness to work.” Whether he was laughing at us, or with us he always had a smile on his face. Gio also made a visible effort to work with us on Google Translate and try to understand what our “somewhat accurate” Spanish meant.

Although we started off interviewing Perez as “Student of the Month” we soon started to get to know him as more than just a fellow classmate. We now have the privilege of calling him an “amigo.” Even though our conversations were “muy lento” with Gio, we still got to learn a lot about him. Plus, he got to work on a little bit of his English, while we got to dabble in a little bit of our Spanish. Overall “Luber” is without exception an outstanding student and even better friend.

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