SOTM Spotlight: Brandon Bush

Written by Riley Alewine

Brandon Bush was recently recognized as student of the month by Mrs. H because Bush “is a polite young man who strives to do his best on any task he is given. He consistently participates in class discussions and asks for help when needed. ”

Not only is he a hard worker in the classroom, he also strives for excellence on the court. Bush hopes to one day go on and play in the NBA. He says basketball is his “favorite thing about life,” it “makes [him] happy.”  

Photo by R. Alewine

Bush’s basketball coach, Coach Harris agrees with his teachers. He said, “Brandon is deserving of student of the month because he is a dependable, hard-working young man. He is dependable on the court and in the classroom. Congratulations.”

Aside from the court, Bush also has a fashion sense. He claims that he loves “shoes, clothes and jewelry.” 

Bush says that “ Pride is about how you carry yourself as an individual.” This is a clear representation of how Bush demonstrates pride.

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