SOTM Spotlight: Ali Martin

Written by Alexis Wells

Meet Ali Martin,one of our astonishing Students of The Month for September at Lee County High School 9th grade Campus.

For fun, Martin likes to play with her best friend, Layla. When asked what Layla is like, Martin described Layla as “beautiful.” How sweet! But watch out Layla, because she also said she can beat you in basketball AND football. HA!

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Photo by A. Wells

That’s right, Martin loves PE and it is her favorite part of coming to school: My favorite part of coming to school is getting to play basketball with Layla. And football! I’m really good at basketball though. I can beat Layla!” 

One of Martin’s favorite hobbies is painting, specifically the American Flag. She loves all things and does her best to always have a positive attitude towards everything in the path…although pep rallies are a different story.

When it comes to pep rallies, Martin says they are just too loud for her! Those high volume rallies of the pep don’t stop Martin from doing what she loves most. Whenever all the classes come together for things like pep rallies, you can find Martin making tons of new friends. She is a social butterfly and loves to meet new people!

Martin’s advice on doing good in school is always having a positive attitude and working hard! She says, Positive mindset gives you a positive attitude and positive work!”

Ms. Chittick chose Ali Martin as Student of the Month because “Ali has really worked hard in the classroom. She has been coming into the classroom quietly every morning ready to work hard. When given work, she has consistently worked until the end of the class period. I am very proud of how much her work ethic has improved.”


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