SOTM Spotlight: Gracie Eubanks

Written by Donna DeReus

Gracie Eubanks was chosen as Student of the Month by Coach Payne because “she is an outstanding student and always comes to class prepared! She’s focused and stays on task daily. She works well with others and is very respectful.”

She had some time before health class to talk with me on some of the things about herself and her student life. Eubanks says she is “kindhearted because there are some people out there that aren’t as blessed as I am.”  

Photo by D. DeReus

She also mentioned how she is very cool-tempered when it comes to her life, which can be a very good characteristic to have while balancing school life. Eubanks said that her mom, sister, and best friend, Cassie Joiner, help her through life on a daily basis; whether it be in school or at home, they’ve got her back!

Eubanks also likes to look on the brighter sides of things in life because it makes everything seem more “calm and peaceful.”  Her advice for other students is to “do your best, and if your best isn’t someone else’s then don’t care.”

I think we can all learn a thing or two from Gracie when we want to know how to show our Trojan pride. 

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