Student PBIS Team has First Meeting of the Year

Written by Carlin Garey and Mrs. H

On September 21, the Student and Faculty PBIS Team met for the first time this school year. This is only the second year that our campus has included students on the PBIS Team and we were the first school in the system to do so.

What is PBIS and why is it so important? Positive Behavior Intervention System, more commonly known as PBIS, is rewarding students for good behavior so that they will continue those positive behaviors. PBIS also examines data from referrals and brainstorms ways to intervene with students so as to prevent future referrals.

How often are students rewarded? Students are rewarded frequently throughout the year. Each month, 8-10 students are recognized as Students of the Month. They are chosen by their teachers because they demonstrate PRIDE in the classroom. PBIS also rewards good grades with “Pops for Passers.” Students who show a report with passing grades receive a lollipop at lunch. The PBIS Team is also starting a process where teachers can recognize students by giving them Trojan Pride Tickets. Students can then redeem their ticket for different rewards.

Photo by C. Garey 


What are some more ideas that our PBIS Team is working on? An idea that the faculty has come up with was for students who have no referrals to be able to leave school on October 27.

Photo by C. Garey

What are the most important mindset to have overall, everyday and why? During PRIDE time on Thursdays, students and teachers have a lesson from There is not exactly one mindset in general that everyone should follow everyday instead, students and teachers alike should focus on several to be successful in school and society. The 7 mindsets are: 100% Accountable, Everything is Possible, Passion First, We are Connected, Attitude of Gratitude, Live to Give, and The Time is Now.

 How were students chosen? Students on this team were chosen by how they acted in the community at school and their input/impact on others. These students are a positive impact on others and listen to the problems of what students have to say.

Why is it important to let the kids have a voice? To let children have a say in what they do in the school’s community is important because the teachers can see from the students’ point of view. Rewarding students for good behavior only works if students actually want the rewards, so this is where student voices come in handy.

How are meetings set up? Why? The Student PBIS Team meets once a month after school. During odd numbered months, like this past September’s meeting, students meet with the entire Faculty PBIS Team. During the even numbered months, the students will meet with just Mrs. King and Mrs. Hyslop so that they can feel free to speak their minds.

Photo by C. Garey

Therefore, everything and everyone on the PBIS Team–students and teachers alike–are all important in the contribution of what happens in the school system. In other words, We are Connected.

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