Softball Update with Julianna Franklin

Written by Maria Cerrone

The Journalism staff interviewed Julianna Franklin on how her softball season is going and how it feels to balance out being on JV and Varsity.

She enjoys playing softball. She stated during the interview that she didn’t play any other sports because she was doing softball most of the time.

Photo by M. Cerrone

Franklin’s positions on the softball team is first base and pitcher. She stated that she used to pitch until she broke her arm. Franklin’s coach doesn’t want to risk her arm.

Franklin’s softball season is going very well. She wants to accomplish the goal of winning the state championship by the end of the season.

Franklin expressed that being on both JV and Varsity can be hard to handle. She stated during her interview that her “JV and Varsity coaches don’t really communicate” so she has to handle the responsibility of communicating between both coaches. She also has to balance school with that and keep her grades up so it can be hard.

The Varsity team has 3 more games until playoffs with the record of 10- 12 . The JV team just ended their season with the record of 10-2-2. The next game is September 30th so go out and show your support. Go Trojans!


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