Perkins Named September TOTM

Written by Peyton Hart

Ms. Perkins: she’s one of the funniest, caring, and fun teachers at the 9th grade. She’s also the teacher of the month. Ms Perkins was elected teacher of the month for not only being a fun teacher, but having the ability to combine a good time with learning.

Ms. Perkins has been teaching at Lee County School System for two years, this year making it only her second year. “However, this my 13th year of teaching.” she says. Seven of her teaching years were spent at the 9th grade campus in Sumter County. Ms. Perkins even taught middle school before that.

Photo by R. Alewine

Earning four degrees , Ms. Perkins attended the University of Georgia as well as Valdosta State University. “I have four degrees. Two undergraduate degrees in History and Broadcast News from UGA.” She says. Ms. Perkins also said that her “Master’s Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction.” Her Education Specialist Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction as well.

If you know Ms. Perkins, you know that she is a very outgoing, positive, and kind-hearted person. When she was asked about hobbies outside of her teaching job, she replied, “I like to travel and spend time with my family and friends.” Since she attended UGA College, you would expect her to be a UGA Football fan, which she is. “Reading and learning are very dear to my heart” Ms. Perkins also said. She is also a big fan of writing.

Now, whenever you’re young, and you’re asked what you want to be when you grow up, the common responses are “police, vet, and teacher”, but not many people stick to their answer of being a teacher. Ms. Perkins was asked if being a teacher was her first choice of a job and her answer was “I thought I wanted to be a Sports Broadcaster.” After she finished school at UGA, she realized that becoming a teacher was what she wanted to do.

Part of becoming a teacher, is forming a special bond with the students. Ms. Perkins is the type of teacher you meet and automatically love. Ms. Perkins said that one thing she wants all her students to remember is that they all have value. She also said “Each day they have the opportunity to grow and learn.” She goes on to say that her students are all “incredibly special.” She hopes that all her students know that she cares deeply about them and having the ability to teach them is an honor and privilege.

Since Ms. Perkins has such a love for teaching, she was asked if she sees herself transferring jobs or sticking to teaching until she retires. “I plan to continue teaching.” She replied. Ms. Perkins also said she would love to become a writer but that wouldn’t stop her from teaching. She said that she will continue her job as a teacher until she is able to retire.

Literature is the subject Ms. Perkins has chosen to teach. Why? Well, she started out teaching Social Studies, but soon became certified to teach English. “That proved to be one of the best decisions I have made,” she adds.

Being a teacher of literature, Ms. Perkins was asked what her favorite thing about literature is. She answered with, “I believe a culture’s literature is evident in their history.” She adds to that with, “I am able to combine my love for history with my love for literature everyday in my classroom.”

Ms. Perkins, to me personally, is the kind of teacher that gives you everyday to learn something new, while having fun. Her classroom is full of positivity, laughs, and good attitudes. Lee County 9th Grade is very lucky.. beyond lucky, to have such an amazing teacher working at their school.


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