Freshmen Playing Varsity Football

Written by Cooper Ray and Peyton Hart

Three 9th grade football players are lucky and skilled enough to practice and play with the varsity football team: Baron Hopson, Chauncey Magwood, and Preston Simmons. Since Hopson was already put in the spotlight a couple weeks ago (you can read that article here), it’s time to give Magwood and Simmons their moment of fame. 

When Magwood was asked what it felt like to play varsity as a freshman he said “It feels really good, many people don’t get this opportunity at all so I have to take full advantage.”

Photo by C. Ray

Magwood is also smaller than many of the opposing players, so when he was asked how it felt, he said, “At first I was nervous, I’d look across from me and see a bigger, faster, stronger athlete. But when I settled in, they became less of a concern for me.”

Magwood also gets a privilege not many upperclassmen get, and that is a starting position. When I asked Chauncey how he felt knowing he started over upperclassmen, he simply said, “ I feel really blessed to have this opportunity, it feels really good.”  

When Friday nights roll around, Magwood lines up at wide receiver. He was asked where he played and responded “I play wide receiver, Z to be exact.”

To be a great athlete, it takes an even better person. When I asked Magwood how he shows PRIDE, he said “I show PRIDE by having my work done and turned in on time, I try to be great in the classroom before I become a great athlete.” 

Simmon’s has been playing football for just about his whole life.

Whenever he was asked what made him want to play football, he said he “wanted to learn how to be disciplined, [he] wanted to learn structure, build different types of bonds with different types of people, and become a better man.”

Photo by P. Hart

Being one of the three freshmen on the varsity team is a very big privilege, so Simmons makes sure to work his hardest and do his best in every game.

But what stands out about him?  He replied, “My ability to learn quickly, listen, follow directions, my dedication to the game and wanting to get better everyday.”

As you can see, Simmons has a very strong passion for football and the game itself. He was asked what he saw himself doing after high school and he said he wanted to “become a personal trainer, to train athletes, teach them about life, and how to become a better person.”

Football is very dangerous sport in many different aspects. Knowing this Simmons was asked how long he sees himself playing football. “I see myself playing football for about another nine years, due to the limit of time that my position plays. Also, because of the amount of times you get hit in the head, which can cause many different issues.”

Make sure to go out and support your Lee County Trojans on Friday nights.

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