Students Vote for TOTM

Written by Jordan Graham

On September 22, students at Lee County Ninth Grade Campus were given the opportunity to vote for Teacher of the Month (TOTM). This was the first time that students had a voice regarding the selection; up until now, teachers voted for their peers.

Just like the teachers would look at students who exhibit PRIDE when choosing Students of the Month, the students did the same when choosing TOTM. In addition to their vote, students were given the option of specifying why they think that their selected teacher should be bestowed with such an honor.

LCHS9 math teacher, Mr. Ledford, said, “students voting for teachers is the best idea that the school system has had. The students have a very good understanding of class.” Many other teachers feel this way.

Upon tallying the votes, LCHS9 Principal, Mrs. Lawrence, was pleasantly surprised at how highly students spoke about their teachers. The following are a selection of comments that the students gave regarding their TOTM selections.

A comment about Mrs. Lane leads us into the loving comments the students had about their selected teacher.

“Lane is an awesome teacher! You can tell she loves teaching and especially her students.”

A student of Mr. Roberson’s gave a lengthy reason wanting him to be Teacher of the Month.It’s clear that who ever it was really liked Mr. Roberson.

“I think Mr. Roberson deserves Teacher of the Month because he meets his students needs and adapts to their learning style. I also believe that Mr. Roberson doesn’t work just for the money, I truly think he deeply enjoys teaching hard-headed children and loves allowing them to have a chance to gain important and beneficial knowledge.”

The student who wrote the next entry, mentioned that their chosen teacher showed Integrity, which is one of our schools symbols of PRIDE.

“Mrs Edwards should be the teacher of the month because she shows that she cares about her student and she will help you and make sure you understand what she has assigned you to do. She shows integrity and she is a role model to me. That’s why I think she should be the teacher of the month”

Mrs. Lawrence had the following to say to teachers about the new TOTM process: “[Students] anonymously said some wonderful things, but the recurring theme I found was that they know you care about them. Either through taking extra time to help them, or getting to know them personally, they know that you love them.”

Students like Andrew Nelson thought that the process was, “confusing at first” and chose teachers that “seemed dedicated to what they do.”

Ms. Perkins won for the month of August, but who will win in September?

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