SOTM Spotlight: Jazmine Jackson

Written by Zion Mcgee

Have you ever asked a random person what it takes to be a leader? Or what are the responsibilities  and  expectations of a leader?  I had the privilege to interview Jazmine Jackson, one of Lee County 9th Grade Campus students of the month. She displays P.R.I.D.E  in everything she does.

When I interviewed Jackson, she gave off a sense of shyness at first. My first question to her was, “What strategies do you use to maintain a leadership character?”  

Photo by Z. Mcgee

She immediately answered, “I put my work before any outside school activities.” By this time, Jazmine was not at the stage of fear she came with before, but feeling like a leader-not just being one.

I asked her another question “What is the most difficult part of being a leader?”

She said, “trying not to follow the in-crowd,” which she, myself, and other students struggle with as teenagers.

Now we all know Jackson is one of Lee County’s NJROTC cadets, but I knew she had other activities, so I asked her, “ What are your extracurricular activities?”

She meditated on that question for a while, but she finally answered, “ Going to studies, hanging with friends, and going to practices for NJROTC.”

Now she wasn’t prepared for this question, so I asked, “What are the most difficult decisions you make everyday?”

Jackson said the most surprising thing: “Going to school.”

Now, mind you she was laughing when she said that, so I took it for a joke, but I honestly believe she was serious.

Moving on to the next question, I tried to make it harder for her: “As a P.R.I.D.E student, what would you say to inspire your peers?”

Jackson was unsure if she wanted to answer this question because she felt she wasn’t a “leader” type role model. At this point she was being modest, but she answered, “Be ambitious, determined, and focus.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you one of your students of the month, Miss Jazmine Jackson.

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