SOTM Spotlight: Ally Wilbanks

Written by Sam Burrows

“Ally is a pleasure to have in class.  She is quiet and attentive.  She seems to take this class seriously.” These are the words Mrs. Smith used to describe Ally Wilbanks. Even if this tells why she is student of the month, people need to know who she is. I interviewed her and ended up getting a lot of information about who she is outside of school.

The first question I asked her is, “What job in specific would you like when you grow up?” Wilbanks responded saying that she would like to work in the medical field. Even though she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do, she said she just would want to help people. This shows how compassionate she is for others, which makes her the person she is.

Photo by S. Burrows

As far as extracurricular activities go, Wilbanks said that she likes gymnastics. She puts lots of work into it, practicing at least an hour a day. This answer shows how effort eventually leads to success.

For fun, Wilbanks said that she likes to do gymnastics and hang out with her friends. This was a significant answer because it shows how even during her free time she still puts work into gymnastics. However, she still makes time for her friends. This is a great example of managing time.

Finally, I asked what is some advice for other students regarding Trojan Pride. She thought for a minute, but then said that they always need to do a few things: “Stay respectful to others, and always turn in your work.”

An inspiration makes a person who they come out to be, so I asked who hers was. She said that her teachers were an inspiration because they have taught her so much and helped her throughout the school year.

I learned a lot about Wilbanks with this interview, and I learned who she was as a person rather than just a student. Follow her advice about Trojan Pride and you might just be the next be student of the month.

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