SOTM Spotlight: Jadon Abner

Written by Jordan Graham

A bright student by the name of Jadon Abner was recently nominated as Student of the Month of August for “[being] a well-mannered young man who treats others with the utmost respect” by his teacher Mr.Bynum.

While being a respectful person himself, Abner says that he wants other students on campus to “be better [people] and [to be] respectful [as well].”  

Photo by J. Graham

Abner told me that his dream was to be an artist. It’s good to know that we have such creative students in our school.

When asked if he could do anything in the world, what would it be, Abner said that he would “go to the movies and see The Smurfs.”

While on the topic of Smurfs, as a child, Abner liked to make smurf books and draw; his favorite Smurf was Smurfette.

When asked if he liked to read, Abner answered a short, “Yeah.” His answer to a follow up question revealed that he liked all books and couldn’t pick a favorite.

One thought on “SOTM Spotlight: Jadon Abner”

  1. Keep up the good work little cousin. You are on your way of being a good leader of the world. This is so wonderful. Continue to help students to become great leaders. And give RESPECT to everyone.


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