SOTM Spotlight: Sophia Lin

Written by Donna DeReus

Sophia Lin is one out of nine students who were chosen as Student of the Month by teachers for their characteristics and different acts of kindness. Lin was chosen because of her ability to step up to different tasks and her positive attitude.

Lin would describe herself as someone who is “smart,” and “works very hard.” Of course this is no surprise considering she was chosen as student of the month because of her ability to work hard.

Photo by D. DeReus

Another way Lin describes herself is with colors. This is a very different question but I believe it can capture character in describing yourself with colors. Lin said that she would be “lavender because it’s a soft, nice color.” She also mentioned “pastel blue because it has a mixture of power and softness,” which she thinks represents her attitude and control.

Lin mentioned that there are three people who make her want to be her better self. She said “Liza Koshy because she’s always so nice and positive to everyone, Taylor Swift because she shows power to women, and Donna because she’s always happy and it makes me want to be happy.” By knowing these things we can get an insight on some of the morals Lin sets for herself and what she believes about herself.

I went to tone down on her student life and what she does for others in her school system as well. Lin highly encourages people in her school to “work hard” and “don’t give up even when the road is bumpy.” In conclusion we can see who Lin is as a person and how it spills into her integrity and strength to be a student as well.

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