SOTM Spotlight: Baron Hopson

Written by Willa Dyer

The 9th grade superstar, Baron Carlos Hopson is an all around total package. He was not only the “Student of the Month” for August but was also the “WALB Player of the Week” after the Trojans’ first victory against Bainbridge. The “WALB Player of the Week” award is not only a tremendous honor for anyone, but it is especially significant for Hopson because he is the first ever freshman to be recognized for this honor. He is also one of the two freshman starting for varsity, which is a pretty big privilege.

Photo by W. Dyer

Hopson talks about why he decided to start playing the sport that made such a big impact on his life. He said his “dad gave [him] the motivation to not only begin playing the age of 5, but also encouraged and supported him to work towards achieving greatness.”

Throughout his entire academic career, Hopson has managed to maintain “straight A’s” and keep up with his extra curriculars such as football, basketball, and track. As you could imagine, he should have a lot to stress and worry about, but Hopson says that “[He] is 100% stress free.”

Hopson’s advice on how to achieve greatness is that “[His] main target is not to outmaneuver his competition but to better himself everyday on and off the field.” Hopson strives to be the best version of himself, rather than comparing himself to others and that’s how he continues to be a great student athlete.

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