Amazon’s Weirdest Products.

By Madeline Conger

Everyone knows amazon sell a variety of products on its website. You can buy appliances, furniture, clothes, games, electronics, well basically anything. Not only does amazon sell great useful generic items but it also sells some, very interesting products as well. Let’s take a look at some of Amazon’s weirdest products available for

Gift of Nothing

First on our list is the gift of nothing. Now you know exactly what to get your friends and family members who literally say they want nothing. This item also has a warranty and list of instructions included on the back of the item. The instructions include carefully opening the package and experiencing nothing. The Product Detailswarrant states “This product is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing. If something happens, return for a full refund.” This item is also available in a jar of nothing. 

Product Details

Ever wanted a pet that required no effort to take care of. Well available on amazon is a pet rock. The package comes with your very own rock, a hay bed, leash, cardboard pet carrier, and a full instruction manual for your pet rock.

ThinkGeek Canned Unicorn Meat, 5.5 OunceAs many of you know, Amazon has begun selling food products. However no one would think amazon would go THIS far… Available on amazon today is Unicorn meat.  Please understand that this is not real meat, as you can tell by the following picture. Instead the rectangular can is filled with stuffed dismembered parts of a stuffed animal unicorn.

One of the weirdest things on this list is the Grow a boyfriend and grow a girlfriend. The instructions day to submerge in water and wait a total of three days, when then the product will have reached its full size. How could this item not make the list.

Grow A Girlfriend Stag Party Gift    Product Details

Love bacon, but have a cut or scrape? Well, now you can use a bacon bandage to help heal it. The picture in the band-aid features a realistic image of bacon. And for those times that your injury needs a little extra love, there are also Jesus bandages available.  Both come with a surprise inside!

BACON shaped themed Adhesive Bandages, 15 Die-Cut Sterile Strips     

Inflatable Toast

Everyone loves toast right? How about a piece of inflatable toast. Yes, Amazon sells inflatable toast. It’s the toast that never molds and never gets eaten (well I would hope no one would eat it). 

Feel like going to the bathroom but don’t want to turn on the light? Amazon’s got you covered with glow in the dark toilet paper. The description mentions now you can always find your toilet paper. Amazon also describes it as a great mummy costume and perfect in power outages.

Black Bear Animal Giant Plush Stuffed Body Hug Pillow for Kids Teens Adults, Soft Dense Fur, Beaded Eyes, Weighted Paws, Bed Accessories Toys Cuddly Critters Bedroom Decor, 4 Feet Long

Most everyone has that one pillow they just can not sleep without, it just probably does not look like this one. This pillow looks like an actual bear, like a REAL one. The “body” pillow is four-foot long and most people are not that short so I’m not sure that this is technically considered a body pillow, but it is weird so it made the list.

Love pizza and need it on the go? Well you can purchase the Pizza pouch, a pouch for your pizza. The pouch has a lanyard and zippable pouch for carrying a single slice of pizza wherever you need to. This is also one of the less weird products however it is not necessarily normal so it was added to the list. 

If you loved the unicorn meat, you will probably like this item too. The unicorn and horse wedding cake toppers. Yes, because having a simple bride and groom was not enough or you just needed that little bit of “Extra”-ness and sparkle aboard your wedding cake.

This item is way more funny than weird but I still wanted to include it. For all the times you need a little more fun in the bathroom, there is a basketball game for you to play while you’re on the toilet. I suppose you could use this in other room in your house, but the package comes with a bath mat and is labeled “Slam Dump”. The product comes with three mini basketballs, a goal, bath mat, and a ball holder.

Last and definitely, has to be, without a doubt the weirdest thing on the list is this product. Is there anyone who would actually spend their free time practicing their flesh wound stitching? Seriously like anyone? It is a large Suture (stitching) pad with spaces cut out in a variety of ways for stitching practice. Not clothing or fabric stitching, but FLESH stitching. I can only see this item being used (in a serious way) in medical classes or something along those lines but not for fun. The pad itself actually feels like flesh, according to the comments.

Amazon has a wide variety of products that range from being normal, to weird and to helpful.

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