twenty one pilots Rundown

Written by Hannah Elliott

Ever since their triple platinum album, Blurryface, alternative band Twenty One Pilots has become the new, cool thing. 

First things first, you need to know who these guys are. The band is composed of two members, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. Tyler Joseph is the front man / main vocalist of the group, as well as Josh’s best friend. He also plays the ukulele and the piano. Josh Dun is the drummer of the group, and Tyler’s best friend. Basically nothing else matters except for the fact that they are best friends.

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            Tyler Joseph 


                Josh Dun

Another very important person to know is Jenna. Jenna is Tyler’s wife and we are all very protective of her. She is our mother.

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Throwback to about 2011, when the band was formed with the current members. They released two albums before being signed, their Self Titled (Twenty One Pilots) and Regional at Best.


Regional At Best  

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           Twenty One Pilots                                                                                

Then, in about 2012-2013, a wonderful music company called Fueled By Ramen decided to sign Twenty One Pilots to their label. Fueled By Ramen also manages other pop punk/ rock bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, and previously My Chemical Romance (but be careful when you mention them). 

With Fueled By Ramen, Tyler and Josh have put out two newer albums, Vessel, and more commonly known, Blurryface.

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Vessel (2012), the first studio made album, has their first hits, such as Car Radio and Guns For Hands. It has been said that the album was written about Tyler and all of his struggles, more towards the mental route. 

Then we come into 2015, as the boys are about to release an album that will change their entire careers. The boys released Blurryface, which at first wasn’t that big of a deal, but then the (kinda overrated) song Stressed Out went viral and would not stop playing on radio stations. Other singles, such as Ride and Tear In My Heart, weren’t as successful, but were still loved by fans and casual listeners. This album is supposed to be more about Josh and all of his struggles, including his anxiety. 

In 2016, the boys had another hit song, one that was written for a movie. The new summer blockbuster, Suicide Squad, featured Twenty One Pilots and their new song, Heathens, on its soundtrack.
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Flash forward again, this time to 2017. Tyler and Josh won a Grammy, for “best pop duo/ group performance.” When the boys accepted their trophy, they immediately started to take off their pants, which at first was a little awkward, but was soon explained. When Tyler started his speech, he gave us a brief history of the band and the first time they watched the Grammy’s together. Tyler tells us that Josh suggested that if they ever win a Grammy, they should accept it in their underwear. That dream came true for the boys as Tyler ended the speech with telling the audience, “Anyone from anywhere can do anything.” 

59th GRAMMY Awards -  Show







Twenty One Pilots have impacted a huge group of people. Their music has inspired a new generation of musicians and artists. 

Go check them out if you’re interested!

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