Spring Break Fever

Written by McKenzie Fretwell

As spring break approaches, students start to slack on school work. The warm air and the feeling of being free of homework and essays is too good to be true. Who wants to be stuck at school learning polynomials when you could be gettiing your tan on at the beach? This theoredthical illness is a killer to your GPA.

To resist the urge to forget all your scholarly duties, try to focus on your current work. Remember that each grade is a step into your future. Making good grades is more important than frolicking in the sand. You will have plenty of beach time in your future. 

These are warning signs of Spring Break Fever (creds to actual ninth grade students):

  • you cant sit still because your fidget toy is broken (what even)
  • asking if our class pet could be a panda
  • thinking Odysseus’ wife’s name is Pineappleope
  • thinking nambepambe was a synonym for thug
  • closing your entire face and head into a hoodie


  • picking people up against their will
  • wearing pineapple shorts to school
  • asking your teacher if you’re reading a book about drugs
  • accidentally breaking the bar under the computer in the computer lab

As you see, the effects are on the move here at LCHS-9.

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