5 Things to do over Spring Break

Written by Emily Meneses

Lo and behold, one of the most anticipated times in the academic school year has finally arrived. When students hear “spring break”, they think about crowded beaches and extravagant parties. The biggest misconception about spring break is the fact that if you don’t go to a beach and attend a party, then you’ve basically wasted your time off as a ‘loser’. In reality, there are way better things to do over spring break.

1) Go for a hike


Just as relaxing as the beach may be, so will the fresh outdoors. Walking around nature will make you feel closer to it, as well as help you break from the stress in the upcoming weeks. Grab your friend and even your dog, seek a trail, and entice yourself to an adventure.

2) Volunteer


What better time than to start with you volunteer hours during spring break? The nice weather and the bright surroundings will make you feel at home spending your time helping with restoration efforts around your city, or even helping out at an animal shelter.

3) Read some books


Being witness to several books being tossed aside to read later, a good activity to enjoy during spring break will simply be to read. Catch up on all of the series you have put off, or go to the library to treat yourself to a new plot. These choices will allow you to relax your mind from stress and dive into a new world.

4) Go to a concert


Maybe there’s this one artist you have been dying to see for a while now, for your whole playlist is overloaded with their music. The energy and the excitement filling the venue will get to you, and you’ll be jumping and singing along in no time. Several artists such as The Weeknd, Migos, Ed Sheeran, Metallica, and Ariana Grande are all on tour now.

5) Explore a city


The city of your dreams may as well be nearby, and a week is just about enough to explore. Walking through the busy streets, or rushing along with the smell of food, or even tailing the vibrant lights of a city’s center will certainly satisfy your cravings to do something over spring break.

All in all, there are certainly much more actuvities you can do over spring break that are fun and enriching, but these are just some that seem to draw the attention of students. Spring break is simply a time to relax and enjoy yourself, so have fun and stay safe!

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