DUI Reanactment

Written by McKenzie Fretwell

Students at the Lee County High School and Ninth Grade learned a lesson on distracted driving at the DUI reanactment held at the high school Thursday, March 16th. The students got to witness a car crash reanactment due to distracted driving. There were EMS, State Patrol, and firefighters there willing to make the experience all the more a reality.

The students were reminded of past accidents that have left their fellow peers no longer with us. The reanactment pulled at your heart strings and really taught the lesson on how dangerous distracted driving is.

Great job to the drama department that helped with the reancatment. Most of the students were very surprised when they saw the helicopter circling the school. The law enforcment wanted to give the students the most impacting lesson they could.

Trooper David Fretwell said, “The Georgia State Patrol was very pleased with the efforts of the traffic crash reanactment. Our goal with this event was to get the message to teenagers that distracted driving is very dangerous, along with impaired and reckless driving. It had come to our attention that some students could not stomach this event and left the stadium. We are hoping with this event that these young drivers will be more responsible drivers by putting down the phones, drive the speed limit and do not enduce anything into their bodies to impair their abiltiy to operate a motor vehicle, we do not want to have anyone to bury due to a preventable traffic crash.”
After this, hopefully the students will understand the impact their actions have on others. Most of them are just beginning to drive, and the more they know the better.

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