Spring is Right Around the Corner…but Did Winter Ever Begin?

Written by Sara Kirkland

If you’re reading this, you understand the struggle of living in South Georgia. Having to deal with the bipolar state of the weather is absolutely annoying. One day it’s around 80 degrees, the next it’s around 34.  Not only is it just aggravating, especially when deciding how to dress everyday, but it messes with everyone’s sinuses and allergies. It’s already March, and we’re all aware that Spring is right around the corner, but did Winter ever begin?

Usually Fall is around September-November, December-February is Winter, March-May is Spring, and June-August is Summer. Like I said, that is usually in the case, but in South Georgia, not so much. Of course in the summer, it’s blazing here, but throughout every other season, there will still be super hot days..even when the hourly weather said it would be 40 degrees.

Us Georgians have gotten used to this crazy weather, but this year it has surpassed crazy. Now it’s just freaky. This year’s Winter has barely been a winter, for most of it I have worn short sleeved t-shirts and sandals. Now it’s halfway through the month of March, and we’re just now starting to have some cold days. What in the world is that all about?

In my opinion, I believe in South Georgia we do experience the normal seasons, but that we also experience them at the most random times. One day during the Winter it seems like Summer, and one day during the Summer it could be freezing cold as if it were Winter. There are so many theories on why things are like this here, but all I’ll say is…It is halfway through March and I still cannot figure out what season it is here!

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