Post Groundhog day: Were the predictions right?

Written by Jackson Carlstrom

Last month, on Groundhog Day, the annual tradition was held where Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog used for the Groundhog Day predictions and celebration, came out to see if his shadow was visible.

Well, this year, he saw his shadow, which means that we are going to have six more weeks of winter. But now time has passed. Did Phil’s predictions come true?

This winter has been really weird, especially here in Georgia. Usually, the temperature drops, but it never really did, at least until now. The high temperature for this Thursday March 16th is 56, and that’s just the high temperature. The low temperature is set to be 35 degrees, just 3 degrees above freezing. You know, your average winter temperatures.

Of course though, Georgia is not the only place that is experiencing these cold temperatures. Chicago, Illinois is set to have a high temperature of 38 and a low of 32 this Thursday. Tallahassee, Florida is set to have a low temperature of 37 and a high of 61, which may not sound too bad compared to Chicago, but is really cold in a sunny state like Florida. And if you thought any of those were cold, New York City is set to have a high temperature of 38 degrees and a low of 25 degrees, which is like, extremely cold.

Judging from all the cold temperatures that are taking place across the country, it’s safe to say that Phil’s predictions of six more weeks of winter were accurate.

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