Teacher of the Month

Written by Christina Wynn

Congratulations to Mrs. Lane for being teacher of the month! Mrs. Lane teaches math. She has been teaching since 2005. Mrs. Lane enjoys both math and science. She spent two years as a chemistry major. If she was not a teacher, then she would be a pharmacist. Mrs.Lane’s goals as a teacher are to make her students enjoy learning math and to gain a few life skills while learning. She also wants to make all her students feel as if they are her favorite. Anne Sedgley expressed that her favorite part of class is getting to talk to Mrs. Lane. Noah Bain also commented that one of his favorite parts of Mrs. Lane’s class is he gets to sit and can just be with her. She lets him do what he likes to do. For example, he gets to talk to his friends. Anne said she enjoys Mrs. Lane’s funny but understanding personality. She expressed that Mrs. Lane is a teacher, but she acts like a friend. Mrs. Lane wants her students to believe in themselves and to find their abilities to accomplish their desire. She wants her students to be inspired to become a better person.
According to Mrs. Lane, her favorite Christmas tradition is grading papers. She is just joking. Her favorite Christmas tradition is that on Christmas Eve, her family gets new pajamas and eats cookies while drinking cocoa. Then on Christmas morning she eats breakfast and visits her extended family. Mrs. Lane’s daily motivation is the closet door in her room. The closet door has letter and pictures from her former students. In the middle of the college is one of her favorite quotes.

“They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel” ~Maya Angelo.

The quote reminds her to do her best to give motivation to her students to be great.

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