March Madness – Round One

Written by Mattie Miller

As we come close to the middle of march most basketball fans are starting their brackets for this year’s March Madness. Now you do not even have to be a crazy basketball fan to be able to enjoy this, instead just love a good competition. The whole contest starts out with 64 teams in round one. Each team plays the first round causing the 64 to be cut in half.

The second round of the tournament is called round two and this has 32 teams in all. Then again those teams will play against each other resulting in the 32 to be cut in half leaving us with 16. The next round is called the sweet sixteen and if you made a bracket at the beginning it probably is still in pretty good shape.

The fourth round is called the Elite Eight. Now hopefully you were wise when making your bracket and have not lost to many of the games. Even though from past experiences this is the round that is most crucial to your bracket. Next round is the final four, this takes the top team from the East, South, West, and Midwest. These four teams battle it out and see who goes to the National Championship.

This tournament is such a fun thing that comes around every year. It causes people to be competitive and also calls for some healthy competition between friends and family.

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