7 Mindsets Visit

Written by Emily Meneses

On March 13, several teachers and administartors from different school systems gathered at the LCHS 9th Grade Campus with some of its own, including the principal Ms. Lawrence and assistant principal Mr. Knight. Even superintendient Dr. Jason Miller joined the briefing.

The meeting among these educators was an introduction to the 7 Mindsets, explained by a mentor in the program and then, they were toured through different classrooms by PBIS Student Committee members.

There were 8 select classrooms across the school that were presented to the visitors including Ms. Burtt, Ms. McNease, Mrs. King, Mrs. Hyslop, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Edwards, Coach Rice and Coach Trivette. Each of these teachers were teaching a different mindset.

Afterwards, everyone came back to the media center and was greeted by a question panel that included Ms. Lawrenece, Mrs. King, and Mrs. Hyslop. The mentor from 7 Mindsets as well as two students were on the panel.

All in all, the 7 Mindsets briefing was a success, for the educators left quite content to tell their schools about this new experience, represented by the 9th Grade Campus.

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