Romeo and Juliet Speech and Debate Mock Trial

On March 7,2017 – March 8, 2017 the Lee County High School 9th Grade Campus speech and debate class did 2 Mock trials based on Romeo and Juliet.  


Case one was Crown VS. Friar Laurence, Friar Laurence was being charged for manslaughter through the administration of illegal drugs.  In this case we had many people playing the roles for this Mock Trial.  

Here are your actors for case one:

Judge- Madison Sexton

Clerk-Gabe Baxley

Prosecution- Brittlyn Jackson

                    McKenzie McTyeire

Defense- Vicki Roberts

               McKenzie Wakem

Nurse- Lanie Hagler (Prosecution witness)  

Dr. Montoy- Zach Amato  (Prosecution witness)

Friar John- Braden Bell (Defense Witness)

Friar Laurence- Christian Graves (Defendant)

In case one it was difficult for the jury to decide a verdict.  When they finally decided they said that Friar Laurence was… NOT GUILTY!!!


Now this brings us to the second case, Crown vs. Nurse Capulet.  The charges brought against Nurse Capulet was child abuse against towards Juliet.  

Here are your actors for this case:

Judge- Braden Bell

Clerk- Sarah Hathcock

Prosecution- Hayleigh Clark

                    Keely Eubanks

Defense- Cassidy Warren

               Emily Meneses

Nurse Capulet- Madalyn Reed (Defendant)

Benvolio- Serena Eskew (defense witness)

Lady Capulet- Kirstan Mitchell (Prosecution witness)

Lord Capulet- ( Logan Moore)

This case was a very easy decision when it came to the jury’s verdict.  The jury said that Nurse Capulet was…. NOT GUILTY!!!

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½ of the photo credits go to Cassidy Warren. 

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