Teacher of the Month: Mrs.Sheila Smith

Written By Christina Wynn

Congrats to Mrs. Smith for being chosen as teacher of the month! Mrs. Smith didn’t choose to be a teacher.  Rather, teaching chose her. Mrs. Smith’s sisters, brother, and sister in law are all teachers. Not to mention, her mom drove a school bus for 38 YEARS! When Mrs. Smith was in college, she started majoring in pre-pharmacy, but working in a drug store was really boring to her. Well, in her second year of college she changed her major to Biology Education because it was everything but boring.

Mrs. Smith teaches Honors Biology and the Agriculture pathway Plant Science. This is Mrs. Smith’s twenty seventh and a half year of teaching. Her twentieth year teaching at Lee County. When asked what her favorite project was, she answered with she didn’t have one she tries to keep each year interesting and fun. She sneaks in a bit of fun in the process. This year she has learned from her students a lot of technology skills because she has limited ability and knowledge about it.
When Mrs. Smith was in high school her favorite class was Mechanical Drawing and Drafting. She thought about going to college for majoring in architecture or landscape but obviously didn’t. Mrs. Smith has been struck by lighting and held up in a bank robbery. She rides and owns a unicycle and has flown an airplane by herself. She has a twin sister and grew up with her on a tobacco farm. She also owns a farm and loves teaching school.

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