Livestock Judging Competition

Last Saturday, one of Lee County’s school livestock judging teams went to a practice competition in preparation for the state competition.  The competition was held in Knoxville Tennessee.  At this competition there were over 200 people judging the animals and 6 classes of breeding animals to judge.  There were two classes of cows, pigs, and ewes.  When you judge a class you take the best animal, out of the four given, and place it first.  Then you take the next best and place it second and you do the same thing for the last two placings.  At this competition the people judging the animals also had to give two sets of oral reasons.  This means you take a class that you have previously judged and explain privately to a judge why you placed them the way you did.  We are still waiting on the contests results.

Picture Link(s) ;,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNHr9tV-DpcuEqFsoO1NMyjV2u4iOA&ust=1489020793044684


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