Romeo and Juliet Movie Review. 

Romeo and Juliet, everyone knows this story, well most everyone.  Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story about two teens who fell in love which led to their suicide.  Now in this generation there are movies based on this play.  At my school, Lee County 9th Grade Campus, we read the play and watched the movie.  After watching the movie I interviewed each literature and one student that they teach about how their opinions on the movie.

Mrs. Perkins said that the movie was okay but she prefered the play over the movie.  When I asked how many stars she would give it out of 5 she said 3.

The student I interviewed from mrs.Perkins class was McKenzie Tidwell.  She said that she likes the movie but only because she thinks Romeo is hot.  Like most students, McKenzie liked the movie better.  Out of 5 stars she gave it 3.5.

The next teacher I interviewed was Mrs.H.  she said that she liked the movie because it was mostly accurate to the play.  She gave the movie 4 stars but she likes the play better.  

The student I interviewed from mrs.H’s class was Javorious Clay.  Javorious enjoyed the movie more than the play because he doesn’t like reading.  Out of 5 stars he gave it 3.5.  

My final teacher was Mrs.Burtt.  Mrs.Burtt liked the book better but she liked the movie as well.  She said her favorite part was the setting and the costumes.  She gave the movie a 4 out of 5.

Finally I interviewed Erin Epperson.  Erin liked the movie because it was more how Shakespeare wanted people to see it, he would rather them watch it than read it.  She gave it a 4.3 out of 5.

Most everyone i interviewed like the movie.  Most of the teachers chose the play over the movie by most students chose the movie over the play, by overall everyone enjoyed it and it was a good movie.

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