February Student of the Month

At LCHS 9th grade campus, eight great students were recognized as students of the month. In the Top row, from left to right, the students recognized are Jacob Blankenship, Marly Smith, Walker Pinson, Blaine Pollock, and Madeline Conger. Students in the front row are Jayla Mike, Hillary Kwarteng, and Kristen Carter.


Jacob was recognized for student of the month by Mrs.Dexter.  Mrs. Dexter recognized Blaine’s efforts for bettering himself academically and personally:“Jacob is a well-mannered student who is very conscientious about his academics. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his peers and teachers. Jacob approaches each day with optimism, and he demonstrates excellence in every aspect.”


Mrs.Tomlinson recognised Kristen Carter for Student of the month. Mrs. Tomlinson would like to recognize Kristen’s efforts for bettering herself academically and personally: “Kristen has had such a great transition into my room. Since being in my class, she  has blossomed! She is always prepared for class and is a hard worker.”


Madeline Conger was recognized by Mrs.Hyslop for Student of the month. Mrs. Hyslop would like to recognize Madeline for efforts of bettering herself academically and personally:“Madeline is always willing to go above and beyond what is asked of her in class. She approaches everything with a positive attitude and brings joy to those around her.”


Mrs. Scarmalis recognized Hillary Kwarteng as February’s Student of the month. Mrs. Scarmalis says that “Hillary is one of those silent yet deep thinkers.  She is one of my most reliable students, always willing to please.  Hillary sets very high standards for herself and strives to meet her goals.”


Jalaya Mike was recognized for student of the month for the month of February by Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. Edward wanted to recognize Jalaya because “Jalaya is a hard worker who is focused on all her school work and she never gives up.  Even though Biology may be a challenge for her sometimes, Jalaya never makes excuses! She completes ALL her work with a 110% effort and is a joy to have in class.”

Mrs. King recognized Walker Pinson for February’s student of the month. Mrs.King says “Walker is academically minded, has a positive attitude with everyone, brings great energy to class discussions and is always willing to participate in any activity. ”

Blaine Pollock was recognized for student of the month for February by Mrs. Perkins. Mrs. Perkins wanted to recognize Blaine because “Blaine enjoys learning whether it is in the classroom or out of school. Whenever we cover a concept that piques his interest, I know he will come in the next day with even more information and a greater understanding of this topic to share. Blaine gets along well with his peers and he shows a willingness to help them when they are in need. Also, Blaine is always ready, willing, and able to help me in class however he can.”

Marley Smith was recognized by Mrs. Rice for student of the month. Mrs. Rice says “Marley pushes herself in body-sculpting.  She gives 100% effort every day and does all the workouts without any complaining.  She has been extremely focused this semester on improving her health.”


Congrats to LCHS 9th grade campus Student of the month.

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