Dr.Seuss’ Greatest Work

Written by Christina Wynn

Theodor Seuss Geisel, more commonly known as Dr.Seuss, wrote many children’s books. Dr.Seuss was born on March 2 of 1904 and died on September 24, 1991. Dr.Seuss won many awards for his work, like the Pulitzer Prize in 1984. The most loved children’s book by Dr.Seuss is “The Cat in the Hat”. “The Cat in the Hat” and “The Lorax” were made into movies along with others that were made into short films. Dr.Seuss’ books helps kids with their imagination.

The books teach children lessons, for example the book, “ Horton Hears a Who” displays that no matter how different a person may be they are a person and should be treated like anyone else. “The Cat in the Hat” teaches children you can have fun with just using your imagination. “The Lorax” shows how destroying the environment affects humans and it’s not right.

All of the books wrote by Dr.Seuss teach some kind of lesson and have a moral point. Adults can even learn from Dr.Seuss. His books have meaning and display character. Not to mention are really fun to read aloud!

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