History of Women’s Suffrage

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On this day, millions of women protested for their right to vote and to stand up for the things they believed in for the first time. It took a long time for american women to win that right! Finally, on August 26,1920, the 19th amendment in the constitution was ratified. Which is for all women who deserve all rights and responsibilities just like the men.


 Lucy Parson was an activist, author and anarchist. She wrote articles in support of the working class in the SLP, publication called the Socialist, and spoke out on women’s issues, such as the right to vote, for the Working Women’s Union. She joined the International Working People’s Association, an anarchist organization. Lucy sadly dies in a house fire on March 7, 1942. Lucy will always be remembered as an activist, author, and anarchist. Lucy was also a reformer and a labor activist who inspired others with her words to fight for social justice! She stands to be an honoree for “History of Women’s Suffrage”.

Lucy Parsons

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