What It Is Like To Fracture Your Elbow- Phin Johnson


It was a regular day playing for the ninth grade football team, and Phin was ready to make a hit on the opposing player. All of a sudden his arm gets caught in between two players, and he falls to the ground. A change in your life can happen at any moment. Unfortunately for Phin, that day was the day. This injury put him out for the rest of the season. I spoke with him and asked a few questions.

Q: What was your first thought as you hit the ground?

A: Did they score?

Q: Was that the first time you have ever broken a bone?

A: Yes.

Q:Describe what was going through your head when you found out your elbow was fractured?

A: Can I finish the game?

Q:What was surgery like?

A: After surgery I felt like I was on drugs. I could not feel any pain.

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