Honors Lit: Ethan Frome

Written by Emily Meneses

Many students here at the Ninth Grade have speculated what goes on in an honors class, especially that of Honors Literature. Of course, several students taking the course have complained about the workload and the “too much reading” required. In all honesty, that shouldn’t be a problem. After all, you did sign up for a rigorous course, and was told about it back in 8th grade. So honestly, there is no room left for excuses.

But that is not the focus of today’s article.

Ethan Frome is a novella selected as the out-of-class reading for the 3rd Nine Weeks in Honors Lit.

Many people have voiced their opinion over it, both good and bad.

Abby Hughes, varsity softball player said she enjoyed the book, but “thought it was a little too slow.”

Hayleigh Clark agreed, adding that the “ending came too fast” in accordance to the pace of the entire book.

Though those are only two opinions, there were very many other students who voiced about the book being “boring” and “stupid”. A great majority didn’t even bother reading the book.

That is not uncommon to be heard, for several students do not even begin the out-of-class novel and even the in-class one.

This does not even help the student because when the test over the book comes, most are not even prepared to answer questions, especially those that are constructed response and require textual evidence.

In my opinion, yes, the book was a bit slow, but it does provide an insight to a problem in the real-world, and shows something that other people can relate to, in reference to sacrifices and love.

Overall, students should realize that when you don’t read the book, and don’t perform well on the tests, it’s not only going to let their teacher down, but also themselves, for their grades would be affected.

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