Spanish Classes Finish Up Visits To Primary School

As the Spanish classes wrap up their trips to Lee County Primary School, they taught their final lesson. This included a powerpoint and song that the little kids learned. After the groups were done teaching the lesson, most groups decided to play a game called duck duck goose. While this is a common game among primary age kids, the spanish group added a little twist. Instead of saying “duck duck goose” they said “pollitos pollitos gallina”. This translate into “chick chick chicken” because of the lesson that was taught. The game was a fun way to interact with kids and for them to use their vocabulary.
This experience of walking over to the Primary School will be something that the Spanish classes cherish in the future. Every group developed a relationship with the kids and love them so very much. I know many groups already want to go back and be with their little friends again. Every group hopes to be able to return to the school and teach the kids some more spanish in the future

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